Date night could be the cure and here are reasons why. When life gets crazy, intentionally scheduling regular time to move away from all the distractions children, jobs, other commitments to focus on each other and talk about important topics helps you stay connected. This connection helps you feel less stressed in the midst of the chaos that is life.

Speaking of less stress, another benefit of regular date nights is increasing intimacy and passion in your marriage. In the early years of marriage, romantic moments tend to come easily for couples. Romance often fades, however, without intentional effort to stoke the flames of desire. Date night helps couples remember why they first fell in love, and it lays the foundation for reigniting passion.

Regular date nights also help to build resilience to carry your marriage relationship during the challenging times. Focusing on each other and nurturing your relationship helps you build a strong foundation for your marriage. As a result, when you encounter tough times, you have built up enough marital bandwidth to face difficulties as a team. When you come out on the other side of the challenge, your couple bond is strong instead of feeling frayed.