Among the types of intimacy, you might be wondering what is really experiential intimacy. As a couple, you do not have to necessarily spend time with each other only. However, you both must take out time for each other and share some valuable experiences. Experiential intimacy has more to do with sharing your day-to-day experiences and becoming close to each other.

Experimental Intimacy is an intimacy of activity. I realized I experience this every time I get together with a group to create art in a silent process. It’s about letting the art unfold, by working together in co-operation. The essence of this intimate activity is that very little is said to each other, it’s not a verbal sharing of thoughts or feelings, but it’s more about involving yourself in the activity and feeling an intimacy from this involvement. By Beverley Golden

Tips to work on experiential intimacy

  • Create a list of things that you both can do together and also a separate list of things you both can do individually. The lists will help maintain a balance between your personal space and collective space
  • Try to find more and more things that you both like to do together to build the necessary intimacy
  • Take a walk with your partner, watch a movie with him/her, enjoy gardening together, etc. All these will help tackle the lack of experiential intimacy in your relationship