Improve Intimacy Daily with A Quick Read

Are you searching for ways to improve intimacy with your significant other? Are you currently feeling at a loss of where to start? Maybe your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to listen to a full-size book on intimacy and relationships, but a quick listen of actionable solutions could help? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this short and sweet book series is for you!

Improve intimacy with your partner by improving your self, your spirituality and ultimately, improving the outcome of your life. The quality of your relationship will speak for itself in the end! The Improving Intimacy book series is brought to you by the well-respected Dr. April Brown, founder of Bringing Intimacy Back. In this debut book, the first of a seven-book “teaser” series, you will learn about a number of research-backed, proven ways to quickly and authentically improve intimacy with your significant other. With the Improving Intimacy book series, you will learn how to shamelessly bring back the passion in your relationship. Dr. April Brown uses only the best, most reliable research and professionally tested methods to guide you back to intimacy by explicitly defining:

  • Self-intimacy
  • Spiritual intimacy
  • The greatest forms of partner intimacy
  • How to communicate vulnerably and more effectively
  • The secret equation to priceless, hypnotic sex
  • An immeasurable number of little big ways to improve intimacy on the daily

Intimacy is not taboo, nor should it cost a fortune. Dr. April Brown has put together this invaluable and inexpensive book series that is easy to understand, yet profoundly impactful.

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