Andre has been studying people his entire life. Over a decade ago, he was compelled to teach his findings and knowledge to the masses for they kept asking him “why things seemed to be so hard or confusing” when dealing with relationships, people and life. Since his studies and understandings of Relationships dynamics is so vast, Andre’s knowledge expands across all types of subjects such as: – Love/Life relationships with Men and Women, Regardless of gender and/or orientation) – Child Rearing (Married or single), – Workplace dynamic negotiations – Negotiating Wants and Needs – Effective Communication Strategies. Communication Tools and so on. Often, relationships can seem to be a power struggle. The magic is to be fully aware of the energy mechanism in place in these dynamics and learn to negotiate the terms to reduce power friction. This truly is the basis of Andre’s work. Married for over two decades and proud parent of two teens, Andre’s expertise spans not only over his knowledge studies, research and expertise as a Coach, Teacher, Educator, Mentor and public Speaker, but also over his actual life’s experience in dating, love, parenting and business.

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