Roxanne is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Roxanne Chaput Limited, she is a Life+Love Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer, she guide’s individuals in transition to create lasting sustainable change in their lives.
Her purpose is to provide a safe and powerful place for her clients to discover the answers they need to move forward spiritually, energetically, personally with absolute purpose and clarity. Her guiding belief is in the power of self-awareness as this is the fuel for personal growth and self-mastery, which allows her clients to make positive changes, find their happiness and create a Soul(filled) life at a “Soullular” level. With proven tools and techniques, her clients are able to discover their Highest Selves, their truest desires and manifest the life of their dreams.
In essence, her mission is to Guide, Heal, Love, Awaken, Inspire, Ignite Energetic Passion and Empower amazingness within one’s own self by guiding her clients to Free their Soul as they embrace and connect to their intuitive knowingness while embodying inner-peace and inner-love.
Since Roxanne was a little girl, she felt a deep knowingness in her Soul that she was meant to do something tremendously impactful to help guide others towards their self-knowingness, healing, authentic love for self, happiness and the inner peace that lies within their Soul. She has always known in some facet that she was an energy healer, light worker, and was designed to help shift others to an incredible positive energetic vibration. Her energy was created to assist beautiful Souls to find their Soul’s highest calling so that they may elevate and awaken to their Soul.
Roxanne has lived an eventful life which has brought her through many trials and tribulations however in those moments she has found her incredible light, peace and a knowingness of herself which has provided her with great Wisdom to be able to share her knowledge, teachings and gifts with the world in whichever form that may be.
Roxanne’s certifications are as follows; certified Life Purpose Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Cognitive Behaviour Coach, Confidence Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Enlightened Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Forgiveness Coach and Shamanic Healer.
With her experiences and expertise, your potential will be LIMITLESS!

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