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Getting Ready for Something Real with Roy Biancalana

 This week, Guest Roy Biancalana will discuss how to attract a healthy, sustainable relationship and the barriers or blockages that keep that from happening with hosts Dr. April Brown and Kanya Ford. Roy Biancalana is a certified relationship coach and a nationally recognized expert in the field of attraction and conscious relationships, and the

Improving Intimacy Daily with Dr. April Brown

Improve Intimacy Daily with A Quick Read Are you searching for ways to improve intimacy with your significant other? Are you currently feeling at a loss of where to start? Maybe your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to listen to a full-size book on intimacy and relationships, but a quick listen of actionable solutions

Distrust Is Destructive

Trust is paramount to security. Without trust, we are essentially unsafe in our own space. The combination of trust and security epitomizes the unwavering feeling that our partners have our backs. The definitive sense of knowing that our partner’s loyalty will fuel each of their decisions, without our second thought. When we feel this security

Friends…and their benefits!

Our closest friends are among life's greatest fortunes. It seems as though each decade brings along its certain bundle of friends, the ones most appropriate for that timeframe. Mutually venting about our ridiculous parents when we’re thirteen, sharing unwavering beliefs at a mere 23 like we have it all figured out, and if we’re lucky,

All About Communication Intimacy

It isn't so much that communication methods are inalienably terrible. The better ones resemble the better eating routine tips (eat less, move more) — talk deferentially, listen mindfully. However, they're pointless because individuals impart fundamentally by passionate states, not words. Mind imaging shows that we make decisions about the thing an individual is saying dependent

Importance Of Intimacy In Marriage.

Marriage can be an extremely fulfilling experience when two individuals are in total agreement. It can likewise be troublesome when you are having issues with your accomplice. You need to have the option to ensure that your marriage is sufficiently able to stand the trial of time. For your relationship to keep on thriving throughout

What is Self Intimacy?

Encountering an absence of connections in your relationship? Despite the fact that you may feel like it, you're certainly not the only one. In case you're one of the 54% of individuals who feel separated from others, an absence of self-intimacy might be a major contributor to the issue. In our general public, we will

How Intellectual Intimacy Improves Romantic Communication.

    How Intellectual Intimacy Improves Romantic Communication. Intellectual Intimacy is sharing whatever you are thinking and your abilities. Intellectual Intimacy can be your expectations, dreams, fears, and encounters. At the point when your accomplice shares who they are inside and interface mentally with you, they are confiding in you with their insider facts. They

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