Sherri Belmar Theis: YOU were designed for More BBS Radio

For 30 Years Sherri has Mentored women world-wide in their Christian Faith. Sherri is the Creator of her Signature Course SHINE and the SHINE Membership.  She is also the host of the Soul Set and Alma Mía podcasts.                  

David Essel, MS, OM: Exploring the Flavors of Exotic Love BBS Radio

David Essel, M. S. O.M.,  is the number one best-selling author (11), counselor, master life coach,  international speaker, and minister whose mission is to positively affect 2 million people or more every day, in every area of life, regardless of their current circumstances. David’s work of 40 years is also highly endorsed by the late

Christophe Zajac-Denek: Big Things come in Small Packages! BBS Radio

Christophe Zajac-Denek was born with Cartlidge Hair Hypoplasia. I started seeing a dwarfism specialist at age 2. Christophe had 2 reconstructive leg surgeries (ages 6, 16) and a spinal fusion (age 17, fused from T1-L4).  I'm 4'4" tall. Christophe attended college at Michigan State University. He worked as a TV producer for local community stations.  Christophe started

Marla Renee Stewart: Building Self Confidences, Love Handles and All! BBS Radio

Marla Renee Stewart, MA is a professional sexologist, intimacy/relationship/sex coach, speaker, and author. She is the owner of Velvet Lips, a sexuality education company, as well as Contract Liberation, a company focused on research for non-profit groups. As a Lecturer at Clayton State University, she teaches Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies.  Marla has studied

Sherry Gaba: Love Smacked! Love Addiction and Codependency BBS Radio

Sherry Gaba is a licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Recovery and Transformation Coach who’s helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people, cope with lifelong addictions, including those addicted to alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, eating, sex, love, co-dependency, as well as those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, single parenting, and divorce. Sherry Gaba has helped thousands of

Pamela Havey Lau: How to Be A Safe Haven in Conversations about Intimacy BBS Radio

Before becoming certified as a mediator, Pamela founded Real Life Real Image where she served in various roles as a writer, editor, mediation, and consultant for CEO’s and non-profit organizations like All God’s Children International. She taught communications courses to college students for more than two decades, serving as a presenter and speaker to universities

Awesome Earth with Ron Kamen BBS Radio

Ron Kamen has decades of expertise & leadership in catalyzing exponential change in sustainable energy adoption with governments, non-profits, and businesses. He has developed successful public-private partnerships in clean power & sustainability programs, projects, marketing, outreach, and policy.  While President of the NY Solar Energy Industries Association, Ron led the campaign that culminated in the