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Coming up on May 12 Guest Speaker Mandi Nuttall will discuss Sex Education for Young People! Mandi Nuttall stresses the importance of trust between parents and children. Parents teaching their children about their body and sex together, not just mom or just dad.

Mandi Nuttall, a former high school health teacher and collegiate volleyball player at BYU, has since adopted the self-proclaimed titles of a taxi driver, nutritionist, doctor, therapist, personal trainer, cancer fighter, interior designer, janitor, photographer and chef, all since marrying her soulmate and becoming a mother.
Mandi and her kind-hearted husband Matt found out real quick how easy it is to go from 3 to 5 kids after twins rocked their world. After living in Utah for 12 years, and Mandi working as a professional photographer while her husband finished school, the Nuttalls have moved North and have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. In between the craziness of motherhood, Mandi has found another incredible purpose. Mandi is now publishing her first book, The Birthday Suit Book 1: Yearly Guides to Easily Teach Children Ages 1 to 9 About Their Body and Sex and launches on October 5th. This first book will make a huge difference in parent’s lives.
Mandi believes in the limitless potential within families to do good and raise knowledgeable children. She witnessed the lack of knowledge in her High School students when teaching about the body and health in her Health class, and knows how hard it is for parents to feel confident in teaching this subject. So she wrote this book to make the process simple, and empower parents to then empower their children to respect and love their body.
Mandi and her family have witnessed and absolutely believe in miracles. She values her faith and love of her Heavenly Parents above all else and sees their hands in her life. Mandi has battled her own skin cancer and is also the mother of a very brave cancer warrior. Aside from what Mandi has been able to experience, her greatest purpose and joy comes from being a mother. Raising her children has been the most fulfilling, yet without exaggeration, also the hardest and most trying experience imaginable. Her kids push her to work toward becoming her best self. It’s a hard and ugly process, but there is no way she could know the joy and happiness she does now without her incredible children. They were the undeniable inspiration for inspiring her to create and write The Birthday Suit Books.
We have one shot to teach our kids to respect their body, and we can’t leave that up to the world—it’s our job and divine responsibility.
For more information, please visit The Birthday Suit Books

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