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My name is Maura Gaughan and I am the founder and lead stylist at Wandering Parisian and Dating with Style. I have always had the ‘stylist gene,’ and love working with people. After several rewarding years as a public health professional, and a three month respite in France with my family, I made the career transition to become a personal stylist. I trained as a personal stylist and started my own business, Wandering Parisian.
During my time in France, I realized that the ease by which French women and men display their style, affords them a sense of confidence which is incredibly powerful! As a personal stylist, I bring that simplistic, yet elegant approach to styling, allowing my clients to feel unencumbered and confident.
I became single soon after starting Wandering Parisian. I found myself back in the dating scene after almost 20 years! A lot had changed since I last dated. An entirely new culture of how-to date had come into existence as the norm, and I had no understanding of how to navigate it. While I knew how to dress for dates, it was still scary, intimidating, and flat out overwhelming. If I was feeling this way, others were too. It was clear that I needed to start a service for single older adults needing help with creating “go to” dating outfits; I created Dating with Style. The service allows for men and women to have updated dating wardrobes that help them feel attractive and confident. I have a strong understanding and empathy with each of my clients who are excited about exploring dating and this new chapter of life.

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