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Information about Dr. Stacy Friedman

Dr. Stacy Friedman

Dr. Stacy helps people with all aspects of sexuality, sexual health and sexual function. She gets you the results you are looking for to create the relationship you desire and increase the sexual communication and intimacy you want for yourself and your partner.

She specializes in working with individuals and couples who have:

  • Mismatched sex drive: your sexual desires are not in sync with your partner.  

  • Intimacy issues: needing some help to grow or reignite the sizzle in your relationship.

  • Women’s concerns: low libido, painful sex, orgasmic difficulties whether you have never had an orgasm or are struggling to have one, sex while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and reconnecting after baby has arrived, as well as menopause with the loss of hormones and sex drive. 

  • Alternative lifestyles: Navigating, wanting to begin or are a part of a swinging or polyamorous relationship.

  • LGBTQ community: Questioning your sexuality or gender, being a part of an LGBT relationship and also those needing support through their transitions.

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