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Jim believes there are always options for everyone and that a simple “no” is not a viable answer.

With over 35 years of experience in the insurance, financial services, and employee benefits fields, Jim offers a wealth of personal experience and expertise. He has had the pleasure of meeting with over 16,000 customers in person to evaluate their needs, discuss options, and solutions. One of Jim’s fondest memories is sitting down with an overwhelmed and concerned wife of a newly married couple who had difficulty making ends meet. He helped her develop a personal budget for their family that put them in a place of financial strength.

Jim loves all things sports and outdoors. Growing up just south of Green Bay, Jim is an avid Packer fan and now, living in Madison, has also become an avid Wisconsin Badger fan. Jim is a voracious reader of all things, tourer of Wisconsin breweries, and a highly skilled gardener.

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