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Jamie and Randy Sterling

Randy and Jamie met in Jackson Tennessee. Jamie grew up in Florida and went to Jackson TN on a whim, never knowing that she would meet her soulmate there.  The two first saw each other at the local gym, where they would find themselves so deeply connected without ever have spoken a single word.

They would stare at each other from across the room at the gym for almost a year. Jamie was telling her friends about “this guy at the gym”, Randy was talking about “this girl at the gym”. Finally one day they inched themselves close enough and they were using equipment next to each other. Jamie introduced herself to Randy, and so it began…


Today Randy and Jamie have been together for 10 years and have a son who is 8 and a daughter

that is 6. Randy is into law enforcement and Jamie is a therapist.  Jamie is more of a city girl, she is also 6 years older and had many more life experiences and travels. Randy is a small town boy that had not been out of his community more than a handful of times. Combining two completely different people and completely different lives has been an incredible journey for both of them. It seems as though they could provide each other the missing pieces of life they were lacking. Jamie needed to learn to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Randy needed to have someone to explore life with and get him out of his comfort zone.  As any relationship, Randy and Jamie have had to work through challenges too. Randy is a man of few words. Jamie, she is very outgoing. Combining two different backgrounds and two completely different personalities can be challenging.  Through the years Randy and Jamie have grown to love each other more and more. Together they have navigated through life celebrating many blessings and navigating through many struggles of building careers, buying houses and raising children, on and on.

Randy and Jamie are a perfect example of how love at first sight is possible.

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