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A university professor-researcher with 20+ years of experience teaching, guiding, counseling college students as well as conducting scholarly university-based scholarly research, Professor Mike currently serves SW Florida’s mental health needs in his private practice as Licensed Mental Health Counselor. As a full-time psychotherapist for the past 5 years here in SW Florida he works with individuals, couples, families, prior to which he treated populations in Chicago for several years. After counseling and teaching diverse populations in Chicago he migrated to SW Florida to focus on private practice. Before focusing on psychotherapy Professor Mike held a full-time faculty, Visiting Professor of Social & Behavioral Science appointment at a college in Chicago, an adjuct professor position at DePaul University, and a research position at the state of Florida’s International Hurricane Center, Lab for Social and Behavioral Research. During his Sociology Ph.D. program he taught sociology at Florida International University and Miami-Dade College. Recently Professor Mike was hired by Florida Gulf Coast University where he creates mental health wellness courses (online courses). He is an active presenter of mental health topics locally, conducting workshops and presentations for a variety of community organizations such as NCH and NAMI.

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