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Born in Jamaica and raised in Connecticut with her five siblings, Nova Lorraine is an award-winning fashion designer, Author, Brand Advisor, and Founder of Raine Magazine. Nova’s debut fashion collection earned her Best Haute Couture Designer of the Year, and her designs have been featured on The View and in Essence and Vogue Italia magazines. She’s a poet and storyteller at heart and has found success in her newly released book and award-nominated podcast, Unleash Your Supernova. Nova is also a nominee for Best Host for the 16th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Nova has expanded her creative and fashion pursuits into the Metaverse while consulting with other brands seeking to launch DAO’a and digital experiences. Nova has grown Raine Magazine to include the Pink Kangaru Podcast Network and Co-Founded the Raine School of Fashion Innovation & Sustainability. Nova spends her free time mentoring, guesting lecturing, and cheering at sporting events for her four children.

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