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Dr. Francis Valenti

Topic Description The number one killer of any relationship is resentments.  In the beginning of a relationship there are things that we let go of that just don’t bother us, yet. As time goes on and we develop history together resentments set in. The key to any successful relationship is to recognize when you’re having resentment and how to get rid of it. Most of us don’t know what is happening in our relationship and why we are now getting more distinct with each other and increasingly more quiet with each other.

About the Guest:

Francis Valenti is in full time private practice in Fort Myers FL and likes to think all of our problems come from our relationships. He also likes to think that we are all co-dependent that’s why we have such trouble in relationships. He suggests that we need to learn how to be a little more independent in the relationship vs co-dependent. We will never not be co-dependent because we don’t live in a vacuum we live with people. He also likes to point out that the problem for all of are people and the solution for all of us are people. They bring us pain and also bring us great joy.

He is a licensed psychologist from Maine and Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Fort Myers. He is a qualified supervisor for graduate students and registered interns and his work focuses on relationships.

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