From Burnout to Bold Steps with Patrice Brantley

Patrice Brantley has shown the world that you can overcome your childhood traumas and help others overcome their traumas with faith, joy, and empowerment. After witnessing many years of domestic violence against her mother and later against her aunt at a very young age, she went on to share of the message about No more

“My Family Doesn’t Approve Him” with Dr. April Brown & Coach Kay

If you come from a close knit family, or a different religious background, upbringing, the list can go on and’re well aware of the pressures to marry one of your own. But as wonderful as it may sound, our families wants and what we want are different. So what happens when you fall in

“A Dating App for Introverts” with Jon Pethke

Hello my name is Jon Pethke, I am a USAF veteran out of Appleton, WI. I got my bachelors degree from University of Wisconsin Green Bay in Organizational Leadership and am currently working on my masters from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in Sustainable Management. I work as an Internal Auditor for American Family Insurance and

Dating Theory: Let It Be with Dr. April & Coach Kay

Discover the power of moving forward and Are you letting what others do get to you? Friends? Family? Partner? When you master the Dating Theory: Let It Be, you can apply it to anything.

Intimacy Through Illness and Finding Love After Loss with Richard Strother

Richard Strother, now also known as the Widower’s Wingman, has a unique background that blends his former career in computer graphics and print with his passion for psychology and human behavior. This led to eight years as a trainer at Apple helping people relate and prosper with their technology. Richard understands how people learn, retain,

Why Men Marry The Next Girl with Dr. April & Coach Kay

You've been with this man for years. Giving him wifey material and you keep waiting for him to make it official only for the relationship to end. You waited years for him and he marries the next woman he dates. WHY?! Dr. April & Coach Kay will give you the ins and outs of how

“Exploring Intimacy with Clinical Sexologist, Shauna Harris”

Shauna is a leading Clinical Sexologist, relationship coach, and international best-selling author.  She is the founder of Explore Intimacy, a results-based coaching practice based in Arizona, USA. Shauna utilizes her experience and knowledge to equip couples with the tools to elevate and enhance their intimate connection.   Surviving domestic violence and loss, Shauna has learned to transform

How To Save 1 Year Of Your Life with Isabella Thor

Practising functional nutritional therapy, Isabella shows her clients the root cause of what's holding them back so they can go back to doing what they love with those they love. She works with two main types of clients: first, with women's painful periods and PMS & second, couples with fertility challenges. Often, these problems often