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Lino Martinez, Psy.D, is in the forefront of his life for the first time as a man. At birth he was given a rare genetic disease, Muckle Wells Syndrome, in which he was diagnosed over 35 years later. Lino was also born with the improper gender and would transition from female to male, to better match his authentic self.
With incredible health experts, and a strong will to survive, Lino was able to take his pain and create a fruitful life with it. He now lives as vibrant as possible, walking on two legs, with his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. His dissertation explored ways to help women suffering with Chronic Urological Conditions by using Existentialism and provides a model for a therapeutic setting.
Lino aspires to help the suffering world through telling his story, and writing to help the world be a peaceful, loving place for humanity. With his new book, A Little Less Fear, Lino hopes to encourage others to live by his motto of #lessfear.

For more information, please visit www.alittlelessfear.com

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