Dating Theory: Let It Be with Dr. April & Coach Kay

Discover the power of moving forward and Are you letting what others do get to you? Friends? Family? Partner? When you master the Dating Theory: Let It Be, you can apply it to anything.

Intimacy Through Illness and Finding Love After Loss with Richard Strother

Richard Strother, now also known as the Widower’s Wingman, has a unique background that blends his former career in computer graphics and print with his passion for psychology and human behavior. This led to eight years as a trainer at Apple helping people relate and prosper with their technology. Richard understands how people learn, retain,

Why Men Marry The Next Girl with Dr. April & Coach Kay

You've been with this man for years. Giving him wifey material and you keep waiting for him to make it official only for the relationship to end. You waited years for him and he marries the next woman he dates. WHY?! Dr. April & Coach Kay will give you the ins and outs of how