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Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern and Addictions Counselor

Ms. Elizabeth Martin, the owner of Advanced Counseling of Fort Myers, LLC., is a Master’s level Mental Health Counselor who is currently pursuing her State license in Mental Health Counseling. Ms. Martin has worked in a wide variety of environments such as a psychiatric hospital and mental health and substance use treatment centers. Elizabeth has four years of experience working at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. Two years working in Felony Drug Court for Lee County.

Areas of interest include Addiction, Substance Use Disorder, Spiritually based counseling Life Skills, and transitions, Anxiety disorders, Depressive disorders, and finding peace and meaning in today’s pandemic. A little more about Elizabeth, in her spare time, she likes to run and work out, yoga travel, and is a foodie. She is also a mother to a four-year-old mixed terrier rescue dog named Jezzabelle Antionette Mare and just adopted a 12-week old Siamese kitten named Sashimi (Sammy).

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