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Kim Sorrelle is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, the director of a humanitarian organization, activist, mother, grandmother, lover of all people, and black licorice.

Kim’s entrepreneurial journey included commercial real estate, a golf course, event facilities, catering, a grocery store, and more. Besides building businesses into multi-million dollar companies, Kim is proud to have weathered the pandemic storm in the food industry, pivoting, keeping staff employed, and seeing the company’s sales grow beyond pre-pandemic numbers.

Kim is the director of Rays of Hope International, a partnering organization working with people in their own country who have a passion, a vision, a mission to help people in their own country and just need someone to walk alongside. Through business plans, fundraising, sustainability planning, supplies, building, Working in countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Burkina Faso, Rays of Hope has enjoyed relationships with hundreds of organizations that are working hard to help the underserved and vulnerable population.

As an athlete and sports fan, Kim coached basketball for 25 years and high school varsity volleyball for 17 and her team was ranked in the top ten in the state for 16 of the 17 years.

Kim met tall, dark, and handsome Steve Sorrelle, the man of her dreams, and proposed ten days later. Two years later, their only daughter, Amanda, arrived full of spunk and sweetness. Three brothers, Paul, Luke, and Noah, quickly followed, A few years later their Dominican son, Cristian, joined the family.  Now all grown with families of their own, Kim is happy to report that they are all gainfully employed, contributing positively to the world, and have the most incredible children who call her “Uma.” (Like Uma Thurman, not Oma like a German grandma, the name given to her by her oldest granddaughter and it stuck.)

In 2009, while battling breast cancer, Kim’s love, Steve, received a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. After six great weeks together, Kim held Steve as he took his last breath. Her first book, Cry Until You Laugh, chronicles that journey through laughter and tears and laughter again.

The back to back cancer diagnosis led her youngest son, Noah, to change trigectories and earn a PHD as a cancer researcher. With a focus on breast cancer, Noah has made significant discoveries that have already helped with other research and continue to move the needle on the survivor rate.

Kim’s second book, Love Is, came from a desire to know the true meaning of love.  Love Is,chronicles her year long quest to discover the true meaning of love, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enlightening journey that led to life-changing discoveries found mostly on the streets of Haiti.

Today, Kim lives in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, a regular radio, television, and podcast guest, Kim speaks to audiences all over the world. Inspirational and educational, Kim entertains CEO’s, industry leaders, company staff members, educators, parents, women’s groups, and more.

With first hand experience, Kim also speaks for The American Cancer Society and Susan G. Koman. 

A coach is always a coach and Kim is no different. Working with individuals and teams, Kim helps people succeed not only in business and family life but in every aspect of life, leading to greater fulfillment, happiness, while teaching the secrets to working less and playing more.

When she is not writing, broadcasting, coaching, speaking, or serving, Kim enjoys her life-long and newer friendships, hanging out with the grandkids, reading, playing tennis and pickleball, painting (she’s no Bob Ross!), traveling, meeting new people, and an occasional stick of black licorice.

For more information, please visit www.kimsorrelle.com

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