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Marriages today are suffering. Men feel belittled, women feel unloved, and parents feel exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged. How do we get here? Dr. Chantal helps us understand the hidden dynamics at play in modern marriages and offer 3 steps for getting your relationship back on track.

About Dr. Chantal Gagnon

Dr. Chantal Gagnon

Dr. Chantal Gagnon is the founder and owner of Plantation Counseling and Wellness in Plantation, Florida. Dr. Chantal is a relationship expert, dating coach, and psychotherapist.  She is the co-author of a textbook on the development of empathy in children, and how empathy impacts social and emotional functioning.  Dr. Chantal holds a Master Degree in Mental Health Counseling and Developmental Psychology and has a PhD in Social and Personality Psychology.

For more information about Dr. Chantal Gagnon please go to http://lifecounselor.net/

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