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I am working on raising the awareness of our limitless human potential and its wisdom.
I keep seeding new consciousness by unveiling the untapped powers though understanding human’s limitless powers of art, creativity and healthy human discourse outside of systems.
I became a passionate creativity/art researcher that was forced through not being able to fit into systems to look for art/creativity’s true values for humans.
Today, I keep unveiling the limitations of man-made systems like technology, science, economy and knowledge to raise our human potential instead of wasting too much time and energy in systems.
My truth compass has been proven to be humans’ limitlessness and natures’ sense of unlimited balance to better survive than humans.
My mission is to show humans that we need something very different right now because we are in a consciousness-crisis.
There is nothing more to do but to become conscious. The change will happen automatically.
We can heal the world and others by everyone being the best that YOU that you can be for YOURSELF”
Understand what it means to be human, humane and YOUR humanness with its limitlessness.
Understand our habitat nature and be a steward for YOUR habitat.
The earth never needed to be saved, and never will.
Understand how to use our man-made systems adequately
where humans are THE priority.
Always keep raising OUR human potential (therein lies heaven on earth.)
Super powers of creativity, healthy discourse and wisdom.
I point to our untapped human abilities.
We have to STOP pondering problems to create more systems that humans have to deal with.

For more information, please visit www.MICHAELLM.com

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