Meaningful and Inspiring Words During Covid-19 Times

This is a piece recently written by our friend Jack Kornfield whom we have quoted many times in our workshops and in these pages. These words feel particularly timely, meaningful, and inspiring during Covid-19 times. They apply to ALL of us, regardless of the faith, belief system, tradition, or nationality from which we come. We have a choice.

How Therapy Can Help Families Be Resilient During COVID-19

  BY KELLY FREEMAN All of us have struggled in our own way to deal with the effects of the coronavirus. You’ve most likely taken certain precautions over the past few months to ensure your family’s health and well-being. What Family Therapy Offers Family therapy provides a safe space for people to talk through any issues

Dwight Bain: Complex Emotions during COVID-19

  On the latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had special guest Dwight Bain. Dwight has guided thousands of people through challenging times as an Author, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Leadership Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and former Family Law Mediator in clinical practice since 1984. Dwight Bain is a trusted media source, having been

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