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As an educator and mentor to young people from over 20 countries, Marcus Aurelius Higgs developed a profound understanding of how to be human and bring forth our innate greatness using the relationships we have with ourselves and between our family, communities, and the world around us.

Now, Marcus Aurelius Higgs support parents of preteens using ‘The SHOW UP Framework’. This is so a parent can support their child during the preteen’s ‘first identity breaking’, and bring forth their child’s greatness.

“The SHOW UP Framework” stands for:

🆂 — Start with a Strong Identity (All Action Starts from Identity)
🅷 — Hold Space for Collaboration (For Critical Thinking and Collaborative Problem Solving)
🅾 — Open Up Communication (Pass on Values w/o Being Preachy)
🆆 — Wonder and Explore this World Together (Project Based Living)

🆄🅿 — Unveil Potential Together

For more info, please visit marcushiggs.com/


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