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In addition to running a small business, CJ Moneyway Entertainment LLC, I also host a podcast called The CJ Moneyway Show. As an author, i have published a book: “Both Eyes Open and Both Eyes Shut”. Apart from my professional life, I’m a dedicated husband and father, and I work full-time at s steel mill. I also serve as an usher, Men’s leader at a local church in my community. My diverse roles allows me to connect with a wide range of people and continue to grow both personally and professionally.
My journey has been marked by constant learning and adaptation. As owner of CJ Moneyway Entertainment, I’ve learned the intricacies of managing a small business and the importance of staying connected with my audience. This is further amplified by my role as the host of The CJ Moneyway Show, a podcast that offers me a platform to share my thoughts and interact with listeners.
In my career as an author, “Both Eyes Open and Both Eyes Shut”. Writing this book was a journey of self discovery that allowed me to express my thoughts and experiences in a tangible form.
Beyond my professional roles, my persona life is equally fulfilling. I am a proud husband and father, balancing my time between my family and my full time job. i find great satisfaction in my work, both in its challenges and its reward.

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