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Practising functional nutritional therapy, Isabella shows her clients the root cause of what’s holding them back so they can go back to doing what they love with those they love. She works with two main types of clients: first, with women’s painful periods and PMS & second, couples with fertility challenges. Often, these problems often go hand in hand.
The solution all lies in the basic health foundations. There are 7 Foundations brought together in Isabella’s functional approach, each pivotal in meeting the body’s needs and relieving its burdens.
Everything she teaches is hard earned insights from a decade of study, experimentation, and education. Spending over 200k on solving the health foundation problem, she’s seen a lot of nonsense out there. Her Health Recovery Program saves clients at least ten times the time and money they’d spend figuring this out on their own.
For more info, please visit www.isabellathor.com

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