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In this episode we are discussing intimacy issues that individuals in addiction recovery face after their active addition has ceased.  Trust is the first element in a relationship to be eroded during active addiction.  It is the hardest to rebuild during recovery but is essential in intimacy.  We discuss this and the different types of intimacy in recovery.


Information on Cynthia Shannon

Cindy Shannon is the owner and therapist at Shannon Counseling Center, LLC, with offices in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida.  She has her master’s in social work and has over 12 years of experience in the chemical dependency and mental health fields.  She is pursuing her clinical social worker licensure, with the State of Florida, as a registered clinical social worker intern being supervised by Mr. Robert Strkyer of Stryker Counseling and Consulting Services, Inc.


At Shannon Counseling Center, Ms. Shannon specializes in relationships, personal growth, and life transitions.  Whether you are facing marital challenges, anxiety, depression, having the need to set personal goals, or settling into a life transition like retirement, Ms. Shannon has the experience to help you in these areas. 

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