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In this episode we discuss,  the types of sex crimes, the effects of sex crimes, and the various resources to help victims and perpetrators of sex crimes.

About Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy has a MS in Child & Adolescent Psychology. She has an additional AS in Legal Studies. She has been working with sex crimes victims (csa/cse/cst/sex industry workers) since 1987. She started as a Certified Rape Crisis Counselor.  She has work in Canada and the States.  She loves to teach leaders how to work in the Social Services arena that is Soul/People focused not Dollar Driven, which produce much more progressive programs that actually help people instead of keeping them trapped in the cycle of poverty, which usually includes DV, substance use/abuse, & child sex abuse.


For the first 25 years, she was client/Direct Service focused.  Then about 3 years ago, she started to focus on the End Demand side.  Her belief is that if we don’t end demand, we will continue to have more victims and that is unacceptable.

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