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Richard Strother, now also known as the Widower’s Wingman, has a unique background that blends his former career in computer graphics and print with his passion for psychology and human behavior. This led to eight years as a trainer at Apple helping people relate and prosper with their technology. Richard understands how people learn, retain, and relate to information.

In October 2018, Richard experienced a life-altering tragedy when he lost his wife of 20 years. Working through his grief, he found the courage to start dating again and eventually found a wonderful new relationship. Along the way, he refined his process and methodology for successful dating, testing it with several people and seeing amazing results.

Through his journey, Richard saw a gap in resources for widowed men and founded the Widower’s Wingman. As a speaker, Richard shares his personal story of loss and love, along with practical insights and advice for those navigating the dating world after the loss of a spouse. His approach is grounded in research and tested through personal experience, making him a compelling and relatable speaker for just about any audience.

For more information, please visit www.thewidowerswingman.com

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