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In this episode we will discuss

  • How infertility and intimacy issues impact men and women differently

    Tricia Anbinder, LCSW

  • Some of the emotional/psychological aspects related to infertility and intimacy?
  • How infertility can have an impact on day-to-day functioning? Ability to perform at work? Desire to engage in social or wellness activities
  • How couples going through this process typically share or cultivate social supports; what can they do to build their support-net?
  • How families and friends can support couples who are going through infertility issues.

ATLANTA FERTILITY SUPPORT ALLIANCE (AFSA) is the combined efforts and passion shared by Tricia Anbinder and Shubha Swamy.  The two clinicians have been in the field of mental health for over 17 years, and specializing in Reproductive Mental Health.  Both Tricia and Shubha are on the executive board for the Atlanta Fertility Mental Health Consortium, members of American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and members of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) affiliated with

Shubha Swamy, LPC

ASRM.  Tricia and Shubha created AFSA in 2017 to provide education, information and resources to the greater Atlanta population living with infertility.  Our goal is to empower individuals going through infertility with knowledge of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) process, an understanding of the psychological consequences, and to have resources for greater support.  Tricia Anbinder manages a private practice in Atlanta and sees adults for psychotherapy around infertility issues, postpartum support, and a variety of other mental health issues.  Shubha Swamy manages a private practice in ECobb and works with adults going through life transitions, provides support around stress & anxiety management, and specializes in infertility and postpartum mood issues.

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