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Linda is a creative, passionate and dedicated individual determined to improve the lives of others through safe, efficient fitness. She believes that small goals and lifestyle changes can grow into massive accomplishments. Linda has been successfully helping clients reach their health and fitness goals by putting their bodies in the state where they are no longer dependent on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds or anti depressants. She has committed herself to the improvement of her clients overall health while constantly researching the latest equipment and new ways of training. Linda cares about her clients and is thrilled to see their transformation of body, belief systems and ultimately, their lives.
The +18 years of experience as a certified Elite Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Exercise Therapist and Senior Fitness expert, has given her the opportunity to speak at the popular event, “The Best You,” and for “The Women in Film and Television,” and also for various health and wellness programs at companies such as Canon, Otocompu, Potash, AJ Gallagher, Pampered Chef, Vistex, Grunt Style, Alpha Outpost, and Bally Total Fitness. She has committed herself to the health and fitness goals of her clients and large social media following. She was a multiple gym owner in Chicago and holds a BA from DePaul University. In her spare time, she is a professional model, and has been approached by numerous photographers and corporations to use her images to represent their companies and products.
She was a presenter for UK Health radio from 2014-2019 and has had several publications in their on-line magazines, Health Triangle with her “Simple Snacks,” cooking videos, recipes, and health and fitness articles. These videos and recipes were originally designed for stroke survivors, but appeal to people who want to make a simple, healthy meals consisting of only a few ingredients with very little prep time.
Linda worked as a Well-Being advisor with articles published domestically and internationally, on-line and print, for Significant magazine, Integrity Magazine, as well as Grunt Style, and American Grit magazine. These informative articles regarding everyday health and fitness are geared toward a military and veteran based audience, seniors, and civilians.
The joint venture she held with Fit.Live from 2014-2020, with who is considered one of the top-most influential entrepreneurs in the UK, had given her the opportunity to be one of the first in the world to broadcast live, via multiple cameras. Fit.Live has been seen in Vogue, GQ, Brides, Tatler, Winnipeg free press, and a magazine in Bangkok, just to name a few! They were the leading live fitness channel within the first year of life, where Linda would capture an audience from all over the world of 10k – 50k viewers at each broadcast!
Currently, she is a regular co-host on Movie Reviews N More and K4HD broadcasted through The Woman’s Broadcast TV Network and LA Talk Radio, Pandora Radio, and many more platforms, she owns and operates a gym in Chicago with a full line up of personal training clients, services on-line clients for workout and nutrition plans, and just launched her first book called, “Nerves of Steele,” which hit an international bestsellers status in several countries within hours of launching.
All of her exposure has benefited her fans and large social media following from all over the world watching for fitness tips and demonstrations.
DePaul University BA NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Expert in Senior Fitness
Expert in Performance Nutrition Expert in Exercise Therapy
ISSA Certified Elite Trainer Certified Group Ex Instructor
Certified Partner Assisted Stretch AED/CPR Certified
Certified Power Flex Instructor

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