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Coming up June 9 Guest Speaker Juan Lee will be discussing What is Love. What is the true meaning of love? What does it mean to love? Is love real? Don’t question love anymore, Bringing Intimacy Back will lay your questions to bed. This is always the place Where Intimacy is Real and you will laugh, learn and love alongside our hosts every Thursday at 3:30pm EST Live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn!
Juan Lee, Transformational speaker, thought leader and author. Founder and executive director of Clear Journey a nonprofit that teaches attitudes and life skill for success.
He has been a Christian for over 30 years. He has seen the message of love made so difficult that its confusing. He removes the confusion by making it very simple to understand. He has found the things that we have in common to be more important than looking for the things that divide us. In religions, the vehicle is God, that the churches, mosques and the synagogue use to facilitate the message of love with much confusion. Apart from the God concept, the message of love is the vehicle for humanity.

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