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“Psychotherapy: One of the Most Intimate Relationships You Can Have” with Silvia Dutchevici

#relationships #sexologist #psychotherapist #bringingintimacyback #Psychotherapy and #intimacy go hand in hand. Understand your behavior, your emotions and thoughts with psychotherapy to draw closer to your loved one. Special guest and with over 20 years of expertise in psychotherapy, Silvia M. Dutchevici is giving us tips on how to create that intimate relationship we crave with

Emotional Echoes & Stages of Vulnerability with Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian

Why is there such negative stigma surrounding vulnerability? What are emotional echoes? Cofounders of the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, Dr. Ray & Jean will be guest speakers on Bringing Intimacy Back helping us understand vulnerability and emotional echoes. The perfect duo who have created and perfected a unique approach to coach couples to have amazing

Emotional Echoes and the Stages of Vulnerability with Dr. Ray & Jean

Dr. Ray & Jean have been married since Valentine's Day in 1998, and in 2002, they CoFounded the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, a counseling center in the Chicagoland area. They created and perfected a unique approach to coach couples to have amazing relationships, called Couples Synergy, and have helped thousands of couples transform their relationships.

Sexual Pleasure

Goody Howard, MSW, MPH is an award-winning sexologist, educator, and consultant. She provides pleasure development and professional development workshops worldwide. Her authentic and enthusiastic presentation style allows her audiences to connect quickly to the concepts and enjoy learning about sexual health, pleasure, and human variance equity. She makes pleasure-inclusive, comprehensive sex education accessible, intentional, and fun! While

Igniting Sexual Desire and Passion

If lack of confidence, low libido, or guilt and shame around your sexuality are the cause of your bedroom woes, (the hot, wild sex you never have any more, or the transition into motherhood that sucked your libido dry), you need Tilly. She’s the world’s leading expert in helping women revive sexual desire and feel

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